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Supporting people to feel energised, strong and in control of their life,
by focusing on their health.
Let's work together .... 



Private one-to-one coaching programs tailored specifically to your requirements. I will support you every step of the way to create the healthiest version of yourself, and give you knowledge and resources to make permanent positive change to your life.  

FROM £299




A 6-week group coaching program to increase your energy levels allowing you to spring out of bed in the morning excite to embrace the day. Limited numbers ensure you can get the focus and attention you require to get long lasting changes in your life. 





A private one-to-one coaching hour to get you to re-prioritise yourself giving you a defined strategy and action steps to get you back in control of all areas of life. 


Hey There, 

I am Claire Willsher,
A health coach, M.E/C.F.S survivor, military wife, mother, PE teacher, with a life long passion for health. I am fanatical about having conversations with people that create miracles with regards to peoples health, which ultimately has a knock on effect to all areas of life. 
Do you feel:
  • fed up of being worn out ?
  • drained instead of feeling alive when you wake up and face the day?
  • weary of the never ending to-do list with little or no energy to get tasks ticked off?
  • in constant need for more sleep to function day-to-day?
  • generally shattered, fatigued and de-energised?
I fully understand where you are coming from... a few years back I suffered Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Lacking in energy is hugely debilitating, leaving you longing for a body that works to it's full capability. 
Working with me as a health coach we will work together to get your energy levels back on track. We will: 
  • address the underlying cause for your lack of energy;
  • focus on what and how you eat to fuel your body in the best possible way for you;
  • gain knowledge as to the best sleep practices;
  • build achievable healthy habits into your daily routine;
  • focus on realistic goals personally set out for you that will impact ALL areas of your life;
  • bring back the energised, confident, strong, and fully alive version of YOU that has been missing recently.
Sound good? Would you be interested in finding out more? Why not book a FREE, no obligation call to discuss just what is possible. 
Alternatively, click on the button below to get a useful weekly update to find out how you can improve your health for good. 
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Are you tired of being exhausted all day, every day?
Do you crave having a body that works to it's full potential?
Let's work together to eliminate all the confusion surrounding the best practice to be fully energised and healthy, providing you with the tools to ensure you excel at living your life to the full.  
"The DR ME presentation to our parents on promoting well-being in their daughters was very well-received.  I was impressed by the clarity and organisation of your presentation and our parents were fully engaged in the talk and the resources you shared.  I would be delighted to have you come again to speak with our students as a follow up."
Janet McCurdy Head of Life Skills, The Royal Masonic School for Girls. January 2020
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