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4 Week 'Get Control of your Health' Series

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Are you fed up of not having the energy to keep going all day?
Do you feel like you are always chasing your tail with not enough hours in the day? 
Is your to-do list never ending... resulting in self-care being pushed right to the bottom? 
Does it feel like you have you tried every health tip ever suggested, only to still be on a rollercoaster of success and failure? 
Do you get confused which healthy choices are the best ones for you
I  hear you... I've been there
But, it doesn't have to be this way. Why not join me for a 4 week informative challenge to help get you feeling energised and nourished again? 

“Claire is passionate about what she does. The Get Control of Your Health Series was a timely reminder for me to eat the rainbow, drink plenty, understand my sleep better, mix up my exercise and prioritise what is important to me. Thanks for some ME time!”


Emma, November 2020



What are the benefits you will gain from completing this series? 

  • You will learn how to prioritise how to get more energy into you

  • You will discover foods to eat that will provide you with the best way to get energy and build your immune system. 

  • The huge benefits of a good nights sleep will be realised, and new sleeping techniques will be learnt. 

  • How you value your time will be addressed and how you choose to spend your time (and energy) will be highlighted. 

  • You will realise why searching for the positives in situations will help you and everyone around you. 

  • You will learn new ways to move your body, and gain the benefits of exercise in a fun way. 

  • Self-care will move up your to-do list to enable you to feel more alive and get more out of life.

  • Knowledge that you are approaching healthy living in the best possible way.  



What do you get? 

The course is delivered over a period of 4 weeks covering the following topics;

Diet- what we eat;

Resilience- how and why we sleep;

Mindset- how to view the world more positively;

Exercise- how to move your body more. 

Each week you will get a session emailed straight to your inbox, giving you the flexibility to complete each session at a time that is suitable for you.

You will have access to me during office hours to pick my brains with all your health questions. 

Prior to the start of the course you will receive a beautiful and informative 'get control of your health' workbook to complete tasks, containing additional information for future reference.

The course will be running again in the near future, with limited places. Please click on the button below to reserve your place on the waiting list. 

What is the investment? 
Taking part in this course will give you the science behind the reasons it is good to be healthy. You will learn so many easy to implement health hints and tips, you will be feeling energised in no time. Not only will you benefit, but with a greater spring in your step you will have more energy to devote to other areas of your life.
You will physically be able to keep up with your children when out and about, you will have more time to give people boosting your relationships with others. You will be more productive, and as a result be able to get more done in shorter periods of time. Physically and mentally you will develop strength, allowing you to cope in situations you may well have crumpled in before. 
You will get control of your health which will impact ALL areas of your life.
4 Week Get Control of your health Series
Emerge with confidence into the new normality 
"Claire is someone who clearly loves what she does. The wisdom she brings to her wellbeing offering originates from life long learning and passion for looking after all aspects of mental and physical health.
Claire has wonderful stories to share that bring to life her lessons for us all. Claire is a true inspiration and is highly recommended."  
Lisa, May 2020
Claire is founder of DR ME, a health coach, and a qualified PE teacher. Claire has spent her lifetime supporting individuals to feel energised, strong and in control of their life.
Claire is passionate about health and she seeks enormous pleasure witnessing first hand how the advice she gives transforms people's lives
Claire firmly believes that by inspiring individuals to focus on their health, this in turn motiaves prevention as opposed to cure of illness, thus transforming them into the best they can possibly be.
Courses with Claire can be  life changing
"Thank-you for such inspiring sessions. I look ford to embracing all that you've shared with me, reflect on where I am, continue to raise the bar, and 'just do it'."
Jenny, November 2020. 
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