Energy Boost 21-Day Program

What is the energy boost all about?
The Energy Boost is an intensive 3 week program designed to provide personal one-to-one support for women who are in need of encouragement to help them boost their health and energy levels. 
Competing this program will leave people with the tools to become empowered and in control of their health. 
Live can get overwhelming at times and sometimes a series of sessions focussing on specific areas of health and self-care can be what you require to allow you to flourish in all areas of your life again. 
What does the Energy Boost program offer?
Every client will have their unique reasons for hiring a health coach, and as such there is not a set script we will follow. Some of the areas we may cover are: 
  1. Get to the bottom of what is leaving you feel out of control and de-energised.
  2. Consider what and how you fuel your body with.
  3. Learn now you can prioritise self-care and 'me' time.
  4. Switch your mindset to focus positively.
  5. Address how sleep can radically impact on your health.
What does the Energy Boost program include?
  • Weekly 1 hour coaching call either in person, via zoom, or a mixture of both (location depending). In total you will receive 3 weekly calls.
  • Access to be via email between sessions to enable further support and accountability.
  • Follow up DR ME course resources and other recommended materials will be provided to help keep you on track. 
What is the investment?
Making the decision to invest in yourself is a big step, and often one not to be made easily. It is easy to buy the odd recipe book here, and fitness program there, only to quickly loose enthusiasm and be shelved for a later date.
Health coaching is different. I will provide you with a personalised system, support and accountability that has the capability to transform your life forever.
Please get in touch for more information and pricing
What are the next steps?
If you'd be interested in working together, please arrange a FREE, no obligation breakthrough call where we can explore how you can transform your life forever. 
What else do you offer?



A 3 month private one-to-one coaching program tailored specifically to your requirements. I will support you every step of the way to create the healthiest version of yourself, and give you knowledge and resources to make permanent positive change to your life.  



A private one-to-one coaching hour to get you to re-prioritise yourself giving you a defined strategy and action steps to get you back in control of all areas of life. 
"Working with DR ME, Claire is transformational. Before you know it you have set goals, achieved them, and are ready for the next steps. Her coaching style is perfect for me… Claire has shown she can make a huge, huge difference." 
Wendy Faux, Health Coach Client, April 2020
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