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Be Outstanding in October

Outstanding in the dictionary states to be ‘exceptionally good’ or ‘clearly noticeable’. In these uncertain times, you may think it a little strange that I am suggesting we have an outstanding October, but please read on and allow me to elaborate…

Having just read the book ‘You are a Badass’ by Jen Sincero this has got me thinking. Once I cut through the Americanisms that are interwoven throughout the book, I really enjoyed the core messages she was trying to convey.

You are a badass is primarily about mindset and self-belief, an issue many of us struggle on a day to day basis. In fact, many of my clients have battle with their mindset and this is something that we spend a lot of time addressing. Sincero refers to our negative and busy thoughts as ‘squirrels rushing around in our head’ (which may be a bit of a disservice to squirrel lovers). Too many of us spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about irrelevant things and too often we fail to see the beautiful, miraculous world on our doorstep which we neglect to be fully part of.

Sincero states “Our thoughts are the most powerful tools we have”. This is because our thoughts turn to words, which shape our actions, resulting in creating our habits. Our habits have a huge impact on all aspects of life including our health, productivity, financial security and happiness, so it is no wonder our thoughts are powerful.

We should be proud of who we are. Jen points out quite often that we are only on this planet for a short period of time, and if we waste time wishing we were someone else, we are denying the world of all we have to offer. We were all born with unique gifts to offer; some of us are creative, others mathematically minded, some are extremely practical and other individuals are caring soles. Whatever our ‘why’ is, we need to live life to discover our purpose, and allow this to proliferate throughout every chapter of our life story.

Fear can sometimes stand in our way of creating the outstanding life we want to live. In reality fear is simply how we envision a situation may play out and therefore isn’t a reality. We’ve been inbuilt with fear for our survival, but letting it dictate us is unhealthy. It is important to remind ourselves ‘what is the worst that could happen’ every now and again to put our fears into perspective, which in turn allows us to live life to the full.

Obviously, I was pleased when the book pointed out that we need to be kind to our bodies. We need to say nice things, dress it up, give it experiences to be proud of and most importantly take care of it. We both agree on the knowledge that the better our bodies feel, the happier and more productive we are in life. If we treat our bodies with care and respect (including being mindful about what we eat, how we prioritise sleep, how positively we view the world, and how we move our bodies), in turn we will be rewarded with energy and an enthusiasm for life.

The underlying message here is that we need to celebrate our journey of life, be proud of who we are an enjoy ourselves along the way. What we choose to focus our attention on becomes our reality. For example, with fitness, if we move our bodies more every day, they will adapt to the pressure we put on it and become fitter. Therefore, if we prioritise time and attention on our fitness, it will become reality. What we choose to focus on will vary at different times of our lives, but we are the authors of our own life stories and therefore we can re-write various chapters to suit our needs at that time.

If there is something you would like to do and achieve, don’t wait until you are richer, more powerful, thinner, more knowledgeable, or have more time. Our time on earth is limited, if you ‘just do it’ and start right now you can live a life that is full of interesting projects and surrounded by people that you love.

I will leave you with this quote “one of the best things you can do to improve the world is to improve yourself”. If you feel that your time is now, but you need a helping hand or some advice on how to have an outstanding October please do get in touch with me at I wish you all the best in making yourself outstanding this month.

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