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Case Study: From stress to calm with the support of a health coach.

Jenny was stressed. She was always looked for someone blame and was turning into someone she didn’t want to be.

Jenny’s Challenge

For Jenny’s entire life she had put everyone else first. This people pleasing trait came at the detriment of her health. Jenny had previously been signed off work long-term with stress. Frustratingly, as a result of her explosive temperament, she gained weight, had an emerging hip problem, and started to dislike the person who faced her in the mirror every morning.

During Jenny’s time off work, she sought help from a councillor but realised that reflecting on the past wasn’t the way she wanted to move forwards. Her sister, who had also been a client of DR ME suggested she got in touch, and after completing a week-long ‘return to work healthy’ series, Jenny signed up to the1-2-1 health coaching ‘total body transformation’ programme.

Our Solution

Jenny was ready to change. As a result, she started her 12-week health coaching programme full of enthusiasm. Every week she enjoyed turning up to our online 1-hour sessions. This space and time allowed Jenny to challenge herself, and address where she was (stressed, reactive and putting everyone else first), and where she wanted to be instead (calm, controlled and top of her priority list). What Jenny needed was someone to provide tried and tested habit interventions, and someone to hold her accountable to achieving these. That someone was me.

Over the course of the programme Jenny was given easy to implement action steps help her achieve her goals every session. We addressed Jenny’s diet- what and how she was eating, her sleep regime, her mindset and her exercise patterns. Small step, by small step Jenny started to feel the transformation unfold.

Jenny’s results

Jenny is now full of life- “I am now buzzing” she says. The impact health coaching has had on her is endless. “I now put myself at the top of my to-do list. I’ve realised that if you look after yourself, this resonates out to all areas of your life”.

Jenny feels much more in control. She now finds the time to step back and pause to respond positively, as opposed to jump in and react negatively to various situations. She has the coping mechanisms and tools to use when necessary and is able to “adjust my sails all of the time”.

The impact of being healthy, and it’s results on all areas of her life is now obvious to Jenny. Her work life is much calmer and less pressured. Her family have also joined her on this journey, and subsequently improved their wellbeing too. “I’ve come so far, it’s all about putting myself at the top of the priority list and celebrating the victories”.

She no longer beats herself up about issues that crop up. She has found a willingness to try new things, step outside of her comfort zone, and adopt a “just do it, what’s the worst that can happen?” attitude. As an added bonus Jenny now sits comfortably in her jeans all day with her belt fastened a notch tighter.

Jenny is far happier and healthier on completion of the ‘total body transformation’ health coaching and finds strength in asking herself “what would Claire recommend?”. Daily, Jenny now celebrates the wonderful woman that she is and the fabulous life that she lives.

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