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Jubilant June

When I organised my social media planning back in January, little did I know that in June we would have experienced 2 ½ months of national lockdown. The severity of this pandemic was not predicted to have had such a profound effect on everyone as it has, but it has touched the lives of most people on the entire planet.

I would not want you to think that I am downplaying the catastrophic ramifications that Covid-19 has placed upon our planet. However, I am a glass half-full kind of a girl, and therefore I want to spend the next few minutes talking about the positives that have and could come out of this situation we currently find ourselves in.

Being jubilant means being happy and triumphant. Not feelings we automatically associate with a pandemic, but something I would like to focus on regardless.

During this time, being triumphant will mean different things to different people. To someone who has suffered from Covid-19, a triumph for them may simply to get dressed in the day. For some, it may be to transfer their normal face-to-face work onto an online platform. Whilst for others, it may be to use time to get outside every day and utilise the time we’ve been allowed to exercise.

Personally, I have been triumphant in many areas.

· I have managed to be a successful mother helping my children adapt to home schooling.

· I have been an understanding military wife as our posting plans have dramatically changed in the last month from moving overseas to now staying in the UK.

· I have succeeded to get food on the table and provide a variety of dishes to keep our diet interesting and healthy.

· I have actively set up and partaken in live-streamed exercise sessions for children every morning for the first 5 weeks of lockdown, helping to keep people people fit and healthy.

· I have utilised this time to accomplish my health coaching qualification (which I’ve been working tirelessly to achieve for 6 months) as well as plugging away at an online social media course.

· I have focused on getting DR ME online by rebuilding my website (please visit for a look) and adapting and delivering workshops and talks to a variety of groups via a range of online platforms.

Everyone has coped with this pandemic in different ways and we will have all experienced happiness at different degrees of this lockdown journey. People who have felt constantly happy throughout this time will be few and far between, as the uncertainty that has come hand-in-hand with what we are experiencing will have affected us the majority of us. That said, as mentioned in previous blogs, it is imperative to focus on the things we can control, and things that we can be happy about.

For many people they will have used this time to effectively slow down and relax. They will have forcibly had to step off the high-speed treadmill that represented their before-Covid lives, and taken time to slow down considerably. Having extra time will have encouraged people to contemplate what is important in life. More time with families, taking time to actively seek involvement in activities that you really enjoy doing (for me cooking and reading), and find new hobbies that may not have existed before.

One thing that Covid-19 has highlighted is imperative to look after our bodies and our health and prioritise our wellbeing. When we are healthy, our immune system is heightened, and as a result we are much more likely to fend off infection. If we do unfortunately contract illness, people who are healthy in the first incidence suffer to a much lesser degree.

DR ME has been working hard to make sure that your transition back to ‘normality’ is as smooth as possible, and this is one way I can help you have a Jubilant June. If you are concerned at all about how you, or your workforce, can optimise your health, I would love to hear from you. Please do get in touch at

I hope you are able to spend time focusing on what it is you feel jubilant this month. If you need a helping hand to feel inspired, I am going to post daily jubilant posts on social media throughout June. Search on twitter, or @drmehealth on FB and IG. I hope to hear from you and your jubilant selves soon!

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