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My Military Journey

Over 15 years ago I walked down the aisle of a Christ Church in Abingdon and said "I do" to the love of my life.

We met at Exeter University playing hockey, and all those years ago I didn't expect to have experienced life as I have.

During my last year at Exeter Steve applied to the Royal Air Force, and a little while after he successfully started his career.

2 children, a cat, a hamster and 11 house moves later I sit in my married quarter in Kingston Upon Thames writing this.

Life married to the military is tough.... moving house every couple of years, regularly putting on a brave face waling into a room of strangers (and hoping these strangers will become your friends), not knowing whether to turn right of left out of your your new road to get groceries, and always having to transform whatever home you are given to make it feel like 'home'.

Life has become even more complex now I own my own business and have to move DR ME too. Finding local contacts, networking groups and people who understand 'the military life' is hard, especially in current circumstances.

But, I must say, I am extremely proud to be an RAF wife. I have met so many wonderful people, I have had some fantastic experiences (this photo was taken above my house in 2018), and I have lived in some incredible places.

Today is the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. Today 80 years ago 1,120 Luftwaffe aircraft were sent to attack London and were fought by just 630 RAF fighters. As a result of this attack two days later Hitler postponed his plans to invade Britain.If it hadn't been for the role the RAF played in WW2, we wouldn't be experiencing life as we know it today.

The military controls a lot of my life. It dictates where I live, who I socialise with, what work is achievable and what experiences I am offered. Although I can't take credit for being in the military, I am proud to support my RAF husband in every possible way, securing the future of our wonderful nation.

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