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Succeed in September- how to be healthier, more energised and stronger

Having looked up ‘succeed’ in the dictionary it states that to succeed is to achieve one’s aim or purpose. We have all experienced a turbulent 2020, some more than others, and therefore this definition will mean different things to different people.

For some, being successful in September may involve:

- focusing their efforts on healing

- getting their children to school on time daily,

- closing multi-million pound deals whilst working remotely from home

- perfecting a new skill or talent (cartwheeling may be included here).

Regardless of what your goals are, every single person has something in common. It is possible to improve your health which will contribute substantially to obtaining whatever goals you have set yourself.

It is estimated as adults, we make around 35,000 choices every day. We decide when to go to bed, how much fresh air we are exposed to, who we spend our time with, what and when to eat, how to travel to work, how much water we consume, whether to pay someone a compliment or not, and if we speak kindly to ourselves, just to name a few.

As a health coach, it is my job to inspire people to make small changes to some of these choices. I educate clients about the science behind why certain habits are recommended. I nudge individuals to step outside of their comfort zone and experience the impact positive change can have on their lives. I hold people’s hands when they fall down, and even occasionally crack the whip to get people back on track when it is necessary!

Yes, I give suggestions of different foods and meals to eat to help boost the productivity of the trillions of microbes within the digestive system. I also recommend trialling various forms of exercise and movement to expose people to the joy of physical activity (no, it doesn’t always have to be a chore). But as well as covering the obvious areas of diet and exercise, I also address sleep, hydration, stress, mindset, confidence, relationships, career, all of which can be positively influenced when health is improved.

I give people the tools to make them not only healthier, but more energised and stronger both physically and mentally. To go on this journey with clients is hugely rewarding. This week a client sent me an email thanking me for giving her the tools to feel “so much lighter, and a lot more relaxed in my whole outlook”.

Your life is a journey made up of a culmination of many chapters. You get to choose your destiny, and if you feel like you need to be guided, nudged, or pushed to get more out of life, I would love to hear from you. I guarantee you will walk away with the inspiration to modify some of those 35,000 choices for the better, leaving you feeling healthier, more energised, and stronger both physically and mentally.

For more information please visit or email me on I hope to hear from you soon.

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