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Why a health coach can change your life.

2 years ago, I didn't know what a health coach is, let alone think I would become one. Having spent the majority of my life involved in high level sport, to me a coach was someone who stood on the side-line of a hockey pitch instructing you to score more goals, tackle harder or get back to defend the opponents quicker.

As I was confused as to the role of a health coach, I predict that others will be too. Therefore, I thought I’d help clear the air...

I have since discovered that as a health coach I can help people positively transform their lives for ever. By sharing my years of knowledge, expertise and ideas to clients, my passion about whole-body health is passed onto others. This includes information regarding the following:

- why diets don’t work, - why we should prioritise sleep, - how and when you eat are just as important as what we eat, - how to make movement fun, - how and why to prioritise self-care - making you into the happiest, healthiest and most energised version of you.

By addressing health from a multi-pronged approach allows a ripple effect to all areas of people’s bodies. For example, when you start an exercise/movement regime, you are likely notice in more detail how you are fuelling your body, whether you are hydrating adequately, if you are prioritising sleep, and noticing what an impact this has on your mindset and outlook on life.

Not only this, but once your health improves this has a knock-on to other areas of your life. It can impact to your productivity at work and thus success in your career. The extra energy you gain can put into building thriving relationships with friends and family. Often, people’s money mindset shifts positively, and people explore their spirituality for example.

When your health improves, people gain more ‘lust’ for life and wake up excited about what the day ahead is going to offer rather than focus on how long it is until they can crawl back into bed. This ‘spark’ will radiate out, and therefore people who spend time with health coaching clients will recognise a huge difference in the individual. Perhaps this shift in love of live they witness will leave them wanting to learn more.

Working 1-2-1 with individuals allows me to support people to transform their personal health goals into action (gain more energy, lose weight, get fitter, reduce stress etc). I offer clients accountability and support to guide them on a journey from where they currently are, to what they aspire to become.

Taking time to get to the root cause of what is causing poor health allows individuals to highlight problem areas and make adequate changes to improve their wellbeing. This results in people feeling their best, ensuring that results are both long lasting and life changing.

The pandemic has brought health to the forefront of the attention to the world’s population. Quite often we only focus on our health when we become ill or injured. In my mind, prevention is better than cure, so working closely with clients we aim to reduce the likelihood of getting ill, or at worst, reducing the time it takes for recover.

Therefore, health is not something you do, it is who you are. Would like more energy, more control over your health and the enthusiasm to spring out of bed to embrace the day? I hope I’ve cleared the air as to what a health coach does, but there is no better way than for me to show you. If this takes your fancy, why not send me an email (, take a look at my website, or click on this link to book a call to discuss how I can help transform your life for the better. I look forward to hearing from you.

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