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Interactive DR ME workshops focus on reminding people why it is imperative to be healthy, and give achievable hints and tips to incorporate these ideas into individuals every day lives. 
Sessions focus on interconnecting the key health areas of diet, resilience, mind and exercise to improve individuals whole-body health. 
DR ME will come to your place of work/school to deliver sessions ranging anywhere between 1/2 day- 5 days.
Book a call to discuss how DR ME can make your workforce/pupils healthier, happier and more productive. 
"Now more than ever, the engagement and wellbeing of my staff is at the forefront of my mind and DR ME’s well-presented and joined up content will help me move my business in the right direction and keep these important issues high on the agenda of all my senior leaders."
Martin Hanson, Senior Executive HSBC Business Banking UK, July 2019
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